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Product Introduction

1 . Why take Rejuv-A-Wafer?
2 . Benefits
3 . Ingredients
4 . Directions for Daily feeding

Why take Rejuv-A-Wafer?

Rejuv-A-Wafer is arguably the finest food supplement in the world. 100% pure and natural, Rejuv-A-Wafer provides a bundle of nutrients that can help your pet grow happier and healthier.

With its unique blend of vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids and other rejuvenating ingredients can offer strong support to:

- safeguard your pet against harmful elements
- boost your pet's energy level and metabolism
- cleanse toxins from your pet's body
- beautify your pet's coat and skin
- regulate your pet's bowel health

To find out why Rejuv-A-Wafer is such a blessing for a pet's health, let's look at its nutrients. Chlorella is a single-celled, freshwater green algae, whose phenomenal health-boosting powers make it the best-selling nutritional supplement in Japan and USA. Its perfect combination of super-nutrients includes

  1. Chlorophyll: Known as the "lifeblood of plants" chlorophyll gives plants their green color. A legendary purifier and blood builder, chlorophyll is found in greater density in chlorella than in any other organism.
  2. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF): Only in chlorella will you find this dynamic combination of RNA and DNA, polysaccharides and beta-glucans. Acclaimed for its rejuvenating powers, CGF is also a superb stimulator of the immune system.
  3. Fiber: Scientists marvel at chlorella's ability to bind to heavy metals and toxins and safely sweep them out of the body. Thanks to the fiber in chlorella's cell wall, toxic invaders in your pet's body can be escorted out.
  4. Beta-Carotene: A powerful antioxidant that can protect against destructive free radicals. Ounce per ounce, chlorella contains six times more beta-carotene than spinach.

Ensure your pets health and vitality the natural way

Rejuv-A-Wafer can be fed to pets including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters and other animals. For small pets such as fish and birds, crumble the wafers into their food.

Your pet needs the same loving health care as the rest of your family. That's the same loving care we've put in our product. We are confident that your pet will respond to your loving care by feeling, looking and acting happier and healthier, naturally!

A pet is not just man's best friend, better yet, he is considered a member of the immediate family. However, like a newborn, a pet cannot prepare its own meal. It is up to you to provide him with all of the necessary nutrients to keep him health, happy, and full of vibrant energy.

Balanced whole Food

Your pet's health is sure to improve by having Rejuv-A-Wafer in his diet. The single celled freshwater algae called chlorella is a balanced whole food containing more than twenty vitaminis and minerals and others, a rich source of beta-carotene. It has more DNA, RNA and chlorophyll per unit than any other green product.We all know how important "green food" is for you and your pet. Your pet instinctively knows the importance of the green nutrient, as you may have seen him chewing and eating grass. The Rejuv-A-Wafer given daily to your pet will ensure he receives the utmost amount of nutrients provided from green foods.

Rejuv-A-Wafer also contains eleuthero for energy and stamina. Eleuthero was used by the Russian athletes in the 1980 Moscow Olympics to increase physical performance. Calcium and Lecithin have been added and blended to help you provide your pet the best diet possible.

Satisfaction of Quality

The Sun Chlorella company in Japan is the leading chlorella manufacturer and has been distributing chlorella for humans as well as for animals for over 40 years. The Sun Chlorella Company is proud to have received patents already from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, United States and consumers from these countries are all very eager to protect their pets' health

Rejuv-A-Wafer has been used with great results by top breeders, verterinarians and pet owners for many years. Now your pet too can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and improved energy with Rejuv-A-Wafer.



Chlorella has been the most popular food supplement in Japan since the 60s. In the last decade, it has gained a huge following in the USA because of an increased awareness of the need for wholesome, natural supplements with as little processing and artificial additives as possible. This expectation for such products has extended to discerning pet owners looking for high quality natural supplements for their beloved pets.

1. Chlorophyll

Chlorella contains the highest percentage of chlorophyll known in the plant world, with 1.7% to 7% natural chlorophyll. As you know, many pets love to chew and eat green plants like grass. Rejuv-A-Wafer is a marvelous source of sun-kissed chlorophyll which is known to detoxify and purify your pet's internal system. Chlorophyll is known to control breath, body odor and promote the growth of red cells.

2. Nucleic Acids (RNA / DNA)

Chlorella is rich in nucleic acids, with concentrated amounts of RNA / DNA. In fact Rejuv-A-Wafer contains at least 10 times more nucleic acids than sardines(one of the highest known source of nucleic acids). Nucleic acids are proven to rejuvenate, stimulate and build-up cells.

3. Beta-carotene

Rejuv-A-Wafer has six times more beta-carotene than spinach. Beta-carotene is an anti-oxidant nutrient that plays an important role in protecting body cells from the damage caused by chemicals and environmental threats. It is the damage to these cells that causes illness and disease. Hence Rejuv-A-Wafer is nature's best defense system for your special pet.

4. Iron and Vitamin B-12

On a pound-to-pound basis, Rejuv-A-Wafer contains more iron than spinach and more Vitamin B-12 than beef liver. Both these ensures more energy, vitality and a stronger defense system.

5. Protein, vitamins and minerals

Rejuv-A-Wafer contains 60% protein and many valuable minerals and vitamins, many of which are missing from commercially-available pet food.

6. An alkaline whole food supplement

Chlorella is known as the "King of Alkaline Forming Foods". As you may know, maintaining a good pH balance for your pet is key to restoring and revitalizing your pet's whole body. Sun Chlorella is rich in potassium, which helps promote neuro-muscular development.

7. Potassium

Chlorella is rich in potassium, which helps promote neuro-muscular development.

8. Chlorella Growth Factor(CGF)

Rejuv-A-Wafer contains what many scientists, vets and breeders alike consider its most significant element : Chlorella Growth Factor(CGF). CGF is proven to promote healthy growth and tissue renewal and rejuvenation to maintain optimum health and youth.

9. Sun Eleuthero (same function with Ginseng)

Chlorella ontains eleuthero, an adaptogen for strengthening and balancing the body's system to handle stress and fatigue.

10. Lecithin

Chlorella also contains Lecithin, which increases the permeability of the cell membrane to help contribute to the complex balance required to maintain the health of your pet's skin coat keeping it shiny and radiant.


Does not contain sugar, artificial flavorings, color or preservatives. Only human grade materials are used.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain), Soy Lecithin (not genetically modified), Eleuthero root powder.

Wafer size
1200 mg

Available in 60 wafers.

What other substances are found in Rejuv-A-Wafer?

The above information indicates a nutritional information of chlorella. Because chlorella is a natural product, its analysis may vary slightly depending upon the season, the weather and environmental conditions.

The first point of note is the high percentage of protein, including an excellent balance of the eight essential amino acids.

Along with protein, chlorella is rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Vitamin A is the most plentiful, found in the form of B-Carotene. These are all important for the smooth functioning of the human body and for proper health maintenence. In addition to this, chlorella contains a unique substance that has a physiologically activating property.

Directions for Daily Feeding

Rejuv-A-Wafer 1 to 3 times to your pet's food daily

Overconsumption is no risk to your pet's health

Rejuv-A-Wafer is not medicine, so it can be given anytime.

Pets up to 50 pounds, 0.5 to 1 wafers per day.

Pets over 50 pounds, 1 to 2 wafers per day.

For best results, Wafers should be given daily before the pet's meal (when stomach is empty)

In most cases, your pet will love the taste of Rejuv-A-Wafer so you can use it as a treat. Wafers may be crushed and added to milk or feed for puppies.

Wafers should be consumed immediately and should not be left exposed to air for an extended period of time.

To preserve, store it in a dry environment and avoid direct sunlight and moisture


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